The name Mr. Rogers is synonymous with learning. Millions of people grew up watching the TV show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” delighting in how its gentle host used stories, dialogue, interaction, and kindness to inspire children and adults alike to change the world. Mr. Rogers employed simple yet powerful techniques to create memorable lessons that have stayed with people for generations. There are some remarkable parallels between his goals and those shared by managers at all levels as they set goals, adapt to changes, and support their people and organizations along the way. After all, truly effective managers know teams and companies thrive when people are encouraged, challenged, and—most importantly—treated with kindness.

Why You Will Love Won’t You Be My Manager:

Won’t You Be My Manager looks at the messages and wisdom Mr. Rogers shared and provides ideas and tips to help you use his lessons to elevate your own leadership and management practices. By exploring Mr. Rogers’ work and legacy, you will be able to adapt and integrate these strategies into your own work as you strive to build professional environments that bring the best of out of people— and yourself.

A portion of the proceeds from all workshops will be donated to The Fred Rogers Center, helping to ensure that Mr. Rogers’ legacy and commitment to children, families, and educators is always carried forward.

Won't You Be My Manager will help you to:

  • Select and integrate strategies that strengthen your leadership capacity
  • Identify key concepts that contribute to organizational change
  • Apply effective management techniques to engage teams

Three great delivery options for your whole team:

In-Person Workshop

  • Great for teams of all sizes!
  • Highly interactive with plenty of hands-on activities
  • Available in 2- or 4-hour formats
  • Optional coaching, follow-up engagements, and performance supports available to help your team extend their learning!

Virtual Workshop

  • Great for small teams and adaptable for teams of any size!
  • Highly interactive with lots of virtual engagement opportunities
  • Available in 1.5-4-hour formats and may be provided across multiple sessions
  • Optional coaching, follow-up engagements, and performance supports available to help your team extend their learning!


  • Great for teams of all sizes!
  • Engaging structure that incorporates learner participation with knowledge transfer
  • Available in 1-hour, 1.5 hour, and 2-hour formats
  • Optional coaching, follow-up engagements, and performance supports available to help your team extend their learning!

Clear and simple training for all managers to help foster innovative teams!

Christine Fay
HR Talent Manager


"Won't You Be My Manager" was an outstanding and engaging, fun and creative exploration into effective management. Filled with practical tips and tools for driving desired behaviors, the workshop flew by and provided some much-needed reminders that work - and management specifically - is most effective when done with intention, play and heart.

Fern M. Hernberg
President and CEO


Won't You Be My Manager is an informative, practical and fun way to learn tips to being an authentic, intentional and better manager.

Jim Stockmal
Managing Partner


Great workshop! In the past, I have been of the mindset that planning things related to soft skills may come off as phony or rehearsed, but this really showed me that it's just as important to plan how you want to connect with your team as anything else.

Eugenia Blackstone


"Won't You Be My Manager?" is elegant in its simplicity and offers effective, meaningful guidance on how to incorporate kindness into team dynamics to spark connection, creativity, and authenticity.

Eric Saidel
Senior Director of Human Resources


What a valuable session! These lessons were relevant when I watched the show in my childhood 40+ years ago, and even more so today. The workshop was very practical with simple, yet effective activities that I was able to implement the next day with very positive results. Thank you for helping managers be more effective leaders!

Saori Choulos
International Business Manager