Welcome, Neighbor!

We are Alison French and Stephanie Hubka, and we are on a mission to spread kindness through educating managers, trainers, team members, and volunteers on how to apply the simple yet powerful techniques of Mr. Rogers in your day-to-day work.

The name Mr. Rogers is synonymous with learning. Millions of people grew up watching the TV show "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," delighting in how its gentle host used stories, dialogue, interaction, and kindness to inspire children and adults alike to change the world. Mr. Rogers employed simple yet powerful techniques to create memorable lessons that have stayed with people for generations.

When you join us for one of our “Won’t You Be” learning experiences, you will be empowered to adapt and integrate these strategies into your own work.  Further, you will be supporting Mr. Rogers’ legacy and commitment to children, families, and educators, as a portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Fred Rogers Center.

Designed just for talent development professionals, Won’t You Be My Trainer will help you design and develop training opportunities that will bring out the best in your learners.

Whether you manage projects, teams, or organizations, Won’t You Be My Manager will build your essential leadership competencies through the lens of kindness.
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